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Pride and care

We care and we share our values

At Pivovarna Laško, our desire is to spread our values by supporting projects that feel close to us, including projects that involve sports, culture, education and care for the environment. Donations and sponsorship are just one way in which we strive for local sustainable development.

Gremo v hribe

The Goldhorn Trail of Pride

Last year, we invited nature lovers to climb twelve mountain peaks where we got to know each other and had fun in good company. Our contribution to the future of Slovenian mountaineering was made with a donation and plans to repeat the campaign in 2013.


Also successful in sports

For a number of years, Pivovarna Laško has been involved in sports as a sponsor of clubs and individuals, both of which have achieved outstanding results at the local and European level.


Our efforts towards quality are repaid

In our long history we have received a number of awards including Trusted Brand (now four years in a row) and several Monde Selection medals for quality, the first one in 1976 for Zlatorog beer.

Awareness of the importance of environment conservation

We manage our waste appropriately and responsibly and make sure all the processes in our brewery are optimized. We are always striving for new technologies which are oriented towards greener production.



We organise "green parties" to celebrate good company and our fine beer. Premium Clubbing parties are truly an eye catcher.


Support to Slovenian music

We’re happy to support young Slovenian music artists. Project for the partronage of Slovenian musicians received an excellent response and has now evolved into and annual tender.


Venues and events

As a long-standing partner and sponsor we support venues including the Tri lilije Sports Hall in Laško, Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana and the traditional Beer and Flowers event.


Pivo in cvetje festival

Pivo in cvetje is the largest tourist event in Slovenia that attracts more than 120.000 beer and music lovers each year.


Experience passion and pride!

We like to open our door to visitors and invite beer lovers on a tour of our brewery and Laško Museum. As befits a good host, this includes tastings of beer and other products.


The Laško Brewers and Maltsters Association

The Assosiation was established in 1989 to bring together brewers and to spread and develop the trade. It is guided by the motto "Be a master of brewing, love the brewery and live for and with it!"


Laški pivar (Laško brewer)

Everything that happens in Laško brewery is also celebrated in Laško pivar magazine. With each new edition beer lovers are served with pleasant reading from Laško.


Drink responsibly

Responsibility is our commitment so we promote responsible drinking with proactive suggestions. Choose wisely and enjoy our great beer for a long time.

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