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Premium ingredients and decades of experience provides only the best.

Quality has always come first, which is why we carefully select and use only the best ingredients. It all starts with water as the key to beer character and quality. Another key ingredient is malt which is produced from carefully selected barley varieties. Beer gets its characteristic bitterness and aroma from combinations of various hop varieties and the alcoholic fermentation is brought about by brewer's yeast.

Pivovarna Laško products are made with love and this is how people have known them since 1825.

Prva pivovarna

Water from the hills of Laško

All Pivovarna Laško products are made with water from the nearby pristine hills, which is renowned for top quality and gives our beer its distinctive character.

Kukčevi pivovarji

Carefully selected barley

Special malting barley is first sorted and only the grains that meet high standards are used. Such barley is then processed into malt by using special technology.


First-rate Slovenian hops

Hops give beer an aroma and refreshing bitterness, serve as a spice and also have medicinal properties which are passed on to the beer. At Pivovarna Laško we use the hops of domestic internationally recognized producers of this precious plant.

Brewer’s yeast

Not only is brewer's yeast essential for alcohol fermentation to take place, it also strongly influences beer quality and final sensory profile. To make our beers we use bottom-fermenting yeast, which is why they are grouped with lager.

From ingredients to beer glass

The selected ingredients then embark on a journey of several weeks through our brewery. Brewing in the brewing plant, alcoholic fermentation, beer maturation and filtration in the cellar, and pasteurization and filling in the bottling plant. The result of the lengthy process and hard work are beers with a variety of flavours and qualities which have been relished for generations.

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