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We're introducing Laško Zlatorog 0,0 %

30. 1. 2020

On January 21 in the Pivovarna Laško production plant we’ve started the first batch of the new completely alcohol-free beer Laško 0,0. The product is a result of our development and knowledge, and it’s a novelty on the Slovenian market. It contains 100% Laško character and 0% alcohol, and our brewers paid special attention to saving the distinct taste of Laško Zlatorog. “The taste of Zlatorog is unwavering,” said Zooullis Mina, chief executive officer of Pivoarna Laško Union, and added that the belief that Zlatorog is a matter of taste, not alcohol was key in creating this beer.

Believing that Zlatorog is a matter of taste, not alcohol, was key in creating this new product, that is breaking myths about non-alcoholic beer. It's the same exact Laško beer people have known since 1825, just without alcohol. And we did it: the taste remains legendary and full of years of experience, work and pride. Urban Kramberger, manager of brand group Laško, explains that Laško 0,0 is “an extraordinary thing for Pivovarna Laško Union, because it means a step forward and it takes on the values of Laško brand. Beer, that contains 100% Laško character and 0% alcohol is really unique in the Slovenian market.”

“Global trends, that are the same for Slovenia, show that more and more adults refrain from drinking alcohol or are drinking more responsibly and on appropriate occasions, while also trying to decrease the calorie intake – this is a great opportunity for Pivovarna Laško Union. Beer is actually a completely natural drink, made from natural ingredients, and now, thanks to the modern technology we can offer consumers a completely non-alcoholic beer, that also contains less calories then alcoholic beer or other sweet soft drinks,” stressed David Zappe, marketing director of Pivovarna Laško Union.

The innovation of Laško 0,0 is no coincidence. Our brewers spend more than a year developing and perfecting the recipe to achieve this success. A team of 30 professionals perfected the taste, that now allows beer lovers to have 100% Laško character with 0 % alcohol. They created the recipe, with the distinct hoppy note and Zlatorog’s famous balanced bitterness. Laško brewers always use only the best ingredients: water from the surrounding hills, malt, Slovenian hopps and Laško yeast. These are the same ingredients with which Zlatorog is made, and now also available in a non-alcoholic version.

Our obligation to responsible drinking

With our partners - Olimpijski komite Slovenije, Planinska zveza Slovenije, Avto moto zveza Slovenije and Gasilska zveza Slovenije – we're strengthening our active role in raising awareness of responsible drinking. Now we're also joined by Kolesarska zveza Slovenije, with whom we’ve already started a project – a communication platform based on bicycle stands, which directly addresses cyclists and fulfills our promise.


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